Nevertheless Film Festival

Nevertheless Film Festival elevates the work of female-identifying filmmakers, as every film in the program has at least 50% female-identifying filmmakers in leadership positions. The Festival does not define filmmaker as meaning only “director” -- in order to qualify, female-identifying filmmakers can be producers, editors, screenwriters, cinematographers, and more.

Inspired by “Nevertheless, she persisted,” the rallying cry for barrier-breakers everywhere, the Festival was established in response to the rising conversations about equal representation in the film industry, as well as personal experiences by founder Meredith Finch. Meredith spent several years working in film and commercial production, and only once did she find herself surrounded by primarily women on a film crew.

Film festivals around the world have announced initiatives to have equal representation in their programs within the next few years -- but Nevertheless Film Festival will be a platform for female-identifying voices from the start.

Taking place in vibrant Ann Arbor, Michigan, Nevertheless Film Festival amplifies the voices of female-identifying filmmakers, inspires audiences of all ages, and engages the community in conversation about the power of equal representation behind the camera.