The goal of Antigone of Syria was to run an open workshop where Syrian women refugees had a safe place to express their bodies and their minds. Their hard work culminated in three performances at Al Madina Theatre, Beirut in December 2014.

The women we welcomed on to the project engaged with one another by recounting their personal stories from Syria. We then worked together to blend some of these stories into the ancient Greek text. The end result was a 21st century Syrian adaptation of Sophocles’ tragic tale.


Project Objectives and Partners


THe Actresses

Read moving interviews with some of these courageous women as they tell us about their new lives, what they miss about home, and their expectations of the project.

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In truth the ‘Theatre of the Oppressed’ has no end, because everything which happens in it must extend into life… The ‘Theatre of the Oppressed’ is located precisely on the frontier between fiction and reality - and this border must be crossed. If the show starts in fiction, its objective is to become integrated into reality, into life.
— Augusto Boal