Workshop blog - Typical Monday morning?

Day 10

It's the start of week 3 and everyone seemed to have low energy, perhaps a typical Monday morning? I found out 2 people had had deaths in their families over the weekend so there was rather a sad vibe. Probably better to keep things light.  I introduced a couple of new improvisation games with props, which went down well, fighting to have a turn they were, even the older ladies who tend to keep quite quiet were eager to have their turn! 

A few seemed distracted - I found out why later. Their homework was to read Antigone and come in with some thoughts about it, so they were worrying about that. It was also payday so Itab was the most popular woman in Beirut. They were so excited to get their wages, some saying, “It’s so nice to get paid after all this hard work.”

During the break, they come back to the question of what I eat and how much exercise I do to stay so slim. I encourage them that if they go on a brisk walk every day it will help them get fitter. Miryam tells me their husbands wouldn’t let them, “We just go to the market to buy food and back” and then Mona tries to cover up by saying “No, we have to stay with the kids you see, we can’t leave them on their own for too long”. And then the other popular questions - “Are you married? Why not?” 

The director’s session focuses on what they think of the story and who can relate to the characters and narrative of the play.

Last night Tabitha and I received the most beautiful email from our producer Itab:

Hajja told me today "I lost my two sons. I don't care about the money, I am here because I am venting, I am actually able to smile for the first time in years.” For this project to actually make a difference for someone who experienced a huge loss is pretty amazing…..I am thankful from the bottom of my heart. xxxx

Goosebumps. Lump in throat.