Workshop blog - Recitation

Day 7

“Can we dance? We haven’t danced for 2 days” one of the women asks me today. So I have scheduled it into tomorrow’s warm up! 

I focus mostly on voice/choral work today. Using a famous Nizar Qabanni poem that was sung by pop singer Abdel Halim Hafiz. I got them to work in groups again, this time exploring voice, articulation and choral speaking and then present it to the rest of us. Some found it difficult not to sing the words, but it was a great first attempt…..tomorrow we get physical. 

18 year old Aisha is worried because she can’t read. She can recite a line or two from this poem no problem. "But what about when we work on the script?” I said she doesn’t have to worry about that now but when it comes to the script everyone will learn it anyway, so maybe someone can help her? “But my husband works until 2am and I have to leave in the morning so there’s no time for him to teach me”.