Workshop blog - The director's first day

Day 2

The director and dramaturg started with us today. After a brief introduction they left for me to have my 2 hours alone with the women so that they feel comfortable doing anything they wouldn't normally in front of a man. The session was great; lots of breathing and stretching and by the end they had learnt the first steps towards breathing properly, and how to use their breath more efficiently. We also touched on consensus a tiny bit. At the end I asked a group if they are enjoying it, they said, “Of course, we’re enjoying you, you are lovely!” Another asked, “How can we look thin like you?” “What exercises can I do?” “I want to have a stomach like yours, what shall I do?" I told them to exercise by walking everyday, but of course I haven't had 4 children like most of them have.

Some ice breaker name games with the director and it was the end of the second day already.