We Are Not Princesses is a documentary film about the incredible strength and spirit of four Syrian women living as refugees in Beirut as they come together to tell their stories of love, loss, pain and hope through the ancient Greek play, Antigone.

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Our film uses intimate footage and animation to follow how this group of women find laughter and purpose as they come together to perform the ancient Greek play, Antigone. In 2014, the Open Art Foundation put together a theatre workshop with Syrian women refugees in Beirut to help these women find community and to help process their trauma as a result of the ongoing conflict in Syria. This film focuses on the resilient, intelligent, articulate Syrian women who are picking up the pieces of their lives and moving forward in spite of the ever-worsening situation back home.



We are launching this campaign because we are releasing the film independently and want to make sure it reaches as broad an audience as possible.  There are two stages of making a social impact documentary film.  One is actually producing the film, and the other is working tirelessly to use the message of the film to affect positive change in the world.

Our film cuts through the misinformation and fear mongering about Syrians, about Arabs, about refugees, to remind each other of our basic humanity and our shared goodness. Change takes place when affected individuals begin to change their ideas. When you finish production on a film like this, the work is not done until the outreach program has succeeded in sparking conversations and creating an open dialogue about the crisis we are facing. 

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Find out about the team behind the film We Are Not Princesses; their mission, their past experience, alongside links to personal content.

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The Actresses

Read moving interviews with some of these courageous women as they tell us about their new lives and what they miss about home.

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In truth the ‘Theatre of the Oppressed’ has no end, because everything which happens in it must extend into life… The ‘Theatre of the Oppressed’ is located precisely on the frontier between fiction and reality - and this border must be crossed. If the show starts in fiction, its objective is to become integrated into reality, into life.
— Augusto Boal