We Are Not Princesses is a documentary film about the incredible strength and spirit of four Syrian women living as refugees in Beirut as they come together to tell their stories of love, loss, pain and hope through the ancient Greek play, Antigone.

Our film uses intimate footage and animation to follow how this group of women find laughter and purpose as they come together to perform the ancient Greek play, Antigone. In 2014, Open Art organised a theatre workshop with Syrian women refugees in Beirut in order to help them find community and process their trauma as a result of the ongoing conflict in Syria. This film focuses on the resilient, intelligent, articulate Syrian women who are picking up the pieces of their lives and moving forward in spite of the situation back home.

Upcoming Screenings

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October 2 & 4 - Vancouver International Film Festival, Vancouver, Canada

October 12 - 15th Arab Film Festival, Tübingen, Stuttgart, Germany

October 18 - 23rd Annual Arab Film Festival, San Francisco, California, USA

November 9 - Add A Movie Film Festival, Opera America, New York, New York, USA

We look forward to publishing more dates once the festivals have made the official announcements. 


Find out about the team behind We Are Not Princesses; their mission, their past experience, alongside links to personal content.

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The Actresses

Read moving interviews with some of these courageous women as they tell us about their new lives and what they miss about home.

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Itab - Bergen

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