Antigone, the ancient Greek heroine, ignites the spirits of four Syrian women living in Beirut’s refugee camps.  Feminine wisdom, passed through the ages, connects the inner lives of these women and gives them a sense of belonging and rootedness. Through animation and intimate vérité footage, this feature-length documentary illustrates that which is invisible to the eye: the thoughts, memories, and dreams of these mothers, sisters, and wives as they grapple daily with past traumas and future uncertainty.  

We Are Not Princesses explores the "Antigone of Syria" theatre workshop which began in 2014 with 35 Syrian women living Beirut’s refugee camps. Though the theater workshop and rehearsals for the performance provide the structural foundation of the film, the film is not an observational documentary about the putting on of a play. Instead, we explore how newfound tools of expression taught in the theater workshops play out in the lives of the women outside of the rehearsal space. The personal experiences and stories of the actresses, as well as their reaction to the play itself, are interwoven around the structure of the workshop. Following four women, Fedwa, Heba, Mona and Isra’a, we explore the theater space, the domestic space, and the public space of Beirut through vérité footage, as well as the streets of Syria through animation sequences guided by the women’s voices.



Find out about the team behind the film We Are Not Princesses; their mission, their past experience, alongside links to personal content.

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The Actresses

Read moving interviews with some of these courageous women as they tell us about their new lives and what they miss about home.

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In truth the ‘Theatre of the Oppressed’ has no end, because everything which happens in it must extend into life… The ‘Theatre of the Oppressed’ is located precisely on the frontier between fiction and reality - and this border must be crossed. If the show starts in fiction, its objective is to become integrated into reality, into life.
— Augusto Boal